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Dr. Mihaela Ulieru, Director

The University of Calgary International Center has inaugurated our Laboratory in December 2002 within the context of our long-lasting collaboration with the Berkeley Initiative in Soft Computing (BISC) Group directed by Professor Lotfi A. Zadeh.

Our Mission is to enable discovery and innovation through creativity and multi-disciplinary inquiry and to put them at work in the service of mankind. In a continuous strive to better understand the Universe, Life and Meaning in general we are concerned with the integration of knowledge from various areas, using mathematics as the common denominator to find mirroring patterns by which the Universe's functionality is reflected in our life and world in general and using them to construct models for our world as foundation for useful solutions to our problems - in tune with the laws of nature. Our involvement in interdisciplinary research from this more broad and fundamental scientific perspective, integrating philosophy of science with mathematics and biological sciences when attempting to bring more completeness to the scientific inquiry process was materialized in several interdisciplinary international research projects and publications.

Working at the cutting technological edge to integrate latest advances in several areas we aim to find solutions addressing critical needs that face today's world dynamics, targeting two main areas:

Most recently our research integrated the two above areas into innovative telehealth/e-Health solutions to offer distance medical assistance and continuous monitoring of medical conditions for critical needs of (e.g. elderly) patients. To complement the knowledge in the medical field we have developed fruitful research collaborations with other departments in our University, in particular with the Faculty of Medicine as well as with several companies.