from Mihaela back to YOU – the Gifts that blessed me throughout FD


A piece from each of you vibrates in me
To amplify alike my light and shadows
Brightness intensifies in shades of gray
Perfection thrives on imperfection’s clay…


JAY: Perking my Walls with you I reached My Truth
TANYA: Reflecting back your Love I touched my Greatness
HOLLY: Being amazed by you I got ON PURPOSE
JANET: And being stuck with you I addressed PAYOFFS

While mirrored back by you I cheered up
The sad kid that’s still living in my heart
Please share more of your bliss with me
Before you may dissolve in Buddha’s trap…

You lightened up my biggest ‘missing link’
Grading me down from AirForce One to Basic Training
Through your struggle I redefined myself
Committing to clean up from top to bottom!

You are The Queen of Transformative Power
Your Growth stunned me completely yesterday!
You set me up to face my biggest fear
And I extended Beyond the Beyond that day….

You taught me how to stay true to myself
Your courage gave me wings to go beyond Risk
Your loving ways carried me through the whole range
From strong support and joy to ‘mom control freak’

Your straight presence healed my whining soul
And gave it clarity to see its BEAUTY
Your insecurities reflected me
Reviving strongly my spiritual duty

Needle-less Rose your successful blossom
Has always blown my mind and heart alike
Your constant kindness and support are lessons
I’ll always follow to get back on track!

Your determination stands far out
You commitment to yourself – amazing!
A Lancelot in Fighting Back beliefs
Please promise me you will mentor my son!

We have to work towards THE WHOLE successful
Exceeding expectations also home
And you, Lady of Spades that clash in Needness
Helped me to always find back my way HOME…

And Mel – I’m sorry that she is not here
To share with us the growth and celebrate
I miss her flame that has inspired me
To take one more step towards self-commitment…

You’ve shaken my beliefs about men
Supporting me throughout this Journey’s Issues
Your loving hug has always eased my pain
A friend for life I have in you – I thank you!


Reminded now how much THE WORLD NEEDS US
Lets Live our Gifts and share ourselves!
Big things are simple, so I realize:
“What We May Be” – includes THE SHADOW SELF!...

Awakened from Utopia to Live My Dreams
I’ll shine The Light I am with shades of gray
Committed now to live my Life with Truth.
My Friends, you in My Heart will always stay!

And You – My Greatest Gift, My Bliss from God
Who stood by me throughout The Process’ Pain
I dedicate My Rediscovered self
To Our Life Together and its GAIN!