The Rose

(inspired by Dali’s Print from the Hennes Collection at LBA Fredericton – and not only…)

Inspired by Dali’s painting…


Dedicated to J-M

Under God’s magic spell
The shield is melting

From Earth’s womb the Miracle of Love explodes
To link all souls into a magic network
On which an Ode to Love connects our worlds

  Flourished in its full splendor now - The Rose
Makes us look small and insignificant…
To protect our hearts from its sharp thorns
We’d cut it - thus feel safe again - of course!
While mesmerized we sing an ode in AWE
(The scared ones try to destroy its bliss)
To stay strong - Warriors shield themselves by
Attacking - to just end up in ABYSS <> 

Others – awaken from their too deep sleep
Embrace it dearly in its full wonder...

<>In their Worlds of happiness and bliss <> 
The Missing Link was but

A Magic Web encounter…


© Mihaela Ulieru (July 9, 2008)