On the Horizon of My Happiness . . .

(inspired by Dali’s painting Woman with a Head of Roses – 1935)

  You have filled my head with Roses
And now you are gone. . . .
I can still touch you with my imagination
Somewhere on the horizon of my happiness . . .
So far and so close . . .
Like the shadow of an idea
That has addicted each cell of my blood,
Flowing through me with every heartbeat. . . .
Forever chained in the handcuffs of Roses,
I dress every night with the memories of your caresses
And every morning I tie on around my waist
The dream of your hug. . . .
Since you have filled my head with Roses,
Moving away, together with my peace,
On the Horizon of My Happiness,
Wounded by the Fruit of Love
I am waiting for YOU to be tasted,
To become again a River of Passion,
To become again a Poem of Love, and give it to you
On the Horizon of OUR Happiness.

Mihaela Ulieru

Copyright ©2000 Mihaela Ulieru