(after Dali’s painting from 1948)


I’m running towards you
You’re greeting me wide open
The Temple waits for us
To seal our Sacred Love

I’d like to use these wings
To reach your hug faster
But my Elephant-past
Slows me so heavily …

It carries too much load
From this and past lives over
Experiences sculpted
In mighty obelisk..

But what do I discover
Behind and guarding you?...
Your soul is much alike mine
An Elephant – and true:

Your Load is so much like mine
That I can understand
Your pain, your joy, your sorrow
As they are twin with mine

We’ll have to wait I guess
Until our Souls get together
Much slower than I wished
They still advance however …

… However their legs
Become thinner and thinner
It’s hard even for them
To carry past illusions!

Such that I wonder if
They’ll ever make it over
Into each-other’s arms
In this – or future lives…

And if – will it be Light
In their united mergings,
Or Deadtime from the Lag
Of their Loads interacting…

How I’d want to meet faster
To seal our love with joy!
And … what do I discover?
The Elephants … have grown!

Their load is like a feather
Their legs have thinned such that
Our souls touch the Heavens
Twin treasures merge above…

The Temple is still waiting…
A Dream on the horizon
Is dreamed by our Souls
To hope and love surrendered…


Mihaela Ulieru

Copyright ©2004 Mihaela Ulieru