To: Dali – who knew Me so well…
And to me – late present for my …re-birthday…

inspired by His painting: Verzauberter Strand mir drei verschwimmenden Grazien (1938)

  The Free Breeze on this Peaceful Beach am I
A Shadow
Of what I’ve been not long ago – the Stone

It keeps that dark side prisoner inside it
To let my Heart dance naked on God’s backbone

I was The Master of all Dreams
I was The Queen
Ruling intransigent the Waves and CastleSands

…Until I melted into gentle Grace…

When Love wakened my passions I was tamed
Resistance, Fear and Control were all renamed
Their Altar bleeding made room to my shame
And humbleness became my own reframe

The Symphony Director now am I
To celebrate my own disintegration

Into a graceful pose my remains lie
Ready for the eternal separation

My body has become the dream of it
I pray and feel the ease of the frustration
From wild horse-haunted graces I break free
To dance the unity heart-mind vibration

The shadow of my Self remains – to seek
The Wisdom of the lessons of creation
Incorporated in ethereal form
Into the Pure Spirit – waiting reincarnation….

Mihaela Ulieru

Copyright ©May 5, 2003 (for February…)