Honey is Sweeter than Blood

(inspired by Dali’s painting from 1941)

  I am impaired – I can’t give myself whole to love
And yet I’m longing to be touched, possessed and wanted…
The Dream of your virility’s enchanting
Please come and taste me with your deepest good

Please come – bring me on clouds’ desire again
Perfect my Universe with your passion
And taste the honey from my breasts so I forget
About the blood that’s purging my womb’s pain

I’d rather live than dwell on this life’s pain
I’d rather feel alive in your arms’ fire
I’d rather float on clouds than walk on ground
I’d rather change this deep pain in desire…

Was that you – or is it the dream of you
Don’t leave me here waiting for your touch
Hey! Turn your horse to me! Come! Bring me Love
So I can feel alive again so much!...

Mihaela Ulieru

Copyright ©2000 Mihaela Ulieru