(after Dali’s painting)


I’m drowning in this cage
You call it Love…
Deaf at the holy prayer from above
We traded flight for fight, cuddling for rage

The struggle almost left me out of breath
My wings got atrophy in this thick darkness
(Am I this Shadow mourning my own death?)
Believing *this* is me, feeds your blindness…

(Even if I can’t see it now
The blue is there…
Waiting for me to paint its brightest pink…

Even if I can’t feel it now
True love is there…
Waiting for me to take its cup and drink…)
Much too compelled to shift
I feel The Light
and in my veins now flows
Horizon’s sight…

There may be dangers on the open meadow
And yes, the strongest winds may get me pinned…
But my awoken spirit goes upwind!
(Rather die who I am than live my shadow…)
In the infinite freedom
my Shadow disappears

(… What’s left for you to see? …)
Oh, could you ever dream
my true reflection coloring the sky…

At last!... I feel I am … a Butterfly!


Mihaela Ulieru

Copyright © Mihaela Ulieru